CookBook Reviews

Cookbook Reviews: Vegan on the Cheap and The Vegan Table

My most recent cookbook purchase was Vegan on the Cheap, by Robin Robertson.  I have been trying to tighten my grocery budget without compromising nutrition, flavor, or ethics  – so this cookbook definitely fits the bill.  I have really been enjoying cooking through it, with mostly success and only one flop so far (the vegan…

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Cookbook Review: Quick-Fix Vegetarian

I am a vegan cookbook glutton.  I have no fewer than 20 vegan cookbooks on my bookshelf, yet I still find myself checking out new ones from the library, again and again, and occasionally purchasing one.  Never mind that there are countless recipes sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be explored, I just can’t resist…

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Must Have Vegan Cookbooks

New vegetarians and vegans are often at a loss for what to cook. My biggest recommendation is to get a hold of a good vegan cookbook and just start experimenting! There is a WORLD of amazing recipes out there! I use my cookbooks all the time and am constantly trying new recipes, and it will…

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