Sometimes it’s Good to be Bored

It was a rainy day on Sunday.  We had no plans, nowhere to go.  After being spoiled with an unseasonably sunny week of being constantly outdoors, nobody felt like going outside in the drizzly mud.  How boring, right? Wrong!  These days are the best, because they give our creativity a chance to come out.  Our…

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An Open Letter to my blog

Dear Blog, I tried to break up with you.  I admit it, I did.  I was getting tired of your neediness, always demanding my time and attention.  I freaked out and ran away as soon as things got messy and complicated.  I thought maybe I just needed to change you and everything would be okay….

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Yellow Spice (a.k.a. vegan parmesan)

The other day I was getting ingredients out of the refrigerator, and then I looked over and saw my 11 month old baby standing inside the refrigerator, gleefully licking the top of our jar of “yellow spice.” I couldn’t resist snapping this photo!  (And then, of course, I took the lid off the jar and…

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Hello world!

Welcome! I am a vegan mother of 2 and my passion is nutrition and delicious vegan cooking!! Check back for recipes, food photos, and discussion of nutrition, parenting, and other vegan issues!