Hi!  I am Rebekah, and I love to cook healthy, delicious vegan food.  I stay at home with my three boys, which gives me plenty of opportunities to cook, whether I feel like it or not!  (I usually do feel like it).  My husband and I went vegetarian a few short months before our first baby was born, in 2003.  Our three kids have been raised vegetarian since birth, and as we strive to eat vegan most of the time, they are used to eating “weird” foods like mac ‘n cheese made with nutritional yeast, Daiya quesadillas, tofu in any shape and form, and lots of veggies.

I started this blog to show people how easy and tasty it is to eat a vegan diet, and to share some nutritional tips that I have learned along my way.  At the time I thought that I would be vegan forever, but that hasn’t been the case.  I have slipped up many times, for various reasons ranging from pregnancy cravings, nutritional concerns, or simply the lure of cheese, authentic Indian cuisine, and M&Ms!  But I have found that through it all, I always come back eventually.  As my favorite inspirational speaker, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, says, “Just because you can’t do everything, don’t do nothing.  Do something.  Anything.”

This blog is for vegans, aspiring vegans, vegetarians, or omnivores who just want to include some plant-based recipes in their diets.   Enjoy!