Isa Does It: Pesto-Cauliflower Pasta

Do you ever read cookbooks just for fun?  I do.  I spend a lot of time perusing my beloved stash of cookbooks and drooling over the photos, making plans to incorporate them into my menus in the coming weeks.  I especially love cookbooks with gorgeous photography and pretty, professional layouts, which may be why Isa Does It is a continual favorite on my coffee table.

This cauliflower pesto photo is one that I found my eyes returning to again and again, but for some reason, it took me a year and a half to actually make it!  The idea of mixing cauliflower right into my pesto pasta both intrigued me and scared me a little.  Why mess with my perfectly delightful pesto?  But…it kind of looked amazing.

So, last night I took the plunge.  I roasted the cauliflower (as per one of the optional notes in the recipe) and then I stirred it right in!  The result:  delicious.  I really enjoyed the melding of flavors here, and so did my husband.  I think the kids would have preferred them separately, but what did I expect?

As far as tisa does ithe pesto, I actually just made my own tried and true recipe.  I also used a whole pound of pasta, which is double the amount called for, and I should definitely have upped the quantity of the pesto to match – I wanted more sauce!  Instead of breading tofu as Isa suggests, we just had some marinated baked tofu on the side, along with some cherry tomatoes.  I’m still healing from a broken ankle and cooking with the help of a knee scooter, so I shamelessly took some shortcuts here.

All that said, this was another winner from Isa Does It.  I’ve yet to experience a miss from this awesome book!

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