Sometimes it’s Good to be Bored

It was a rainy day on Sunday.  We had no plans, nowhere to go.  After being spoiled with an unseasonably sunny week of being constantly outdoors, nobody felt like going outside in the drizzly mud.  How boring, right?

Wrong!  These days are the best, because they give our creativity a chance to come out.  Our kids ended up getting the costume box out from the garage, and suddenly we had a Wolverine, a Captain America, and a Robin (Batman’s Robin, that is) bouncing around the house.    Later, all of the couch cushions and blankets in the house ended up in an elaborate tent in our living room.

My husband escaped to the bathroom and gave himself a haircut.  I went to the kitchen and rolled out a dozen homemade tortillas.   As the afternoon brought a quieter energy, our younger kids got out the poker set and became absorbed in stacking and arranging poker chips on the dining room floor, as my husband worked on his laptop at the table.  Our oldest son disappeared into his room, where he got lost in a book.   I surrounded myself with a stack of cookbooks and made up the weekly menus and grocery shopping list.

I love days like this that allow for spontaneous activities – nobody is following any plan, nobody has anywhere to be.  We are together, but we are all focused on our own things.  It’s the quiet comfort of being a family.  I also love the small little sounds – rain drizzling outside, my husband tapping at his keyboard, the clinking of the poker chips, the spontaneous chitter-chatter of the kids.

These days I fear that we have too much entertainment at our fingertips, children and adults alike!  With so much media, especially portable media, we no longer have to be bored for a minute.  As crazy as it sounds, maybe we should make more of an effort to actually get bored sometimes!

Our brains need a break.  We need time to digest the information we’ve taken in, to reflect on it, to form our own opinions.  To come up with brilliant new ideas.  To simply enjoy being with the people that we love without having to do anything in particular.

I think we all could benefit from a few moments of utter boredom.  Don’t you?

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  1. Good for you Rebekah!!!
    Woke up about 2 hours ago with the sound of some of my favorite talkers talking away.
    They were sharing as interesting as they could make it, informative and thoughtful.
    One of them, no, both of them gave their www addresses and invited any and all to take a look and read or hear more. It was about 7:30 so I got up, turned on the PC and found one of them (kind of new to me) and learned more about him.
    Next thing you know, I was reading my Email and there was your invitation!!! Had a look and said to Gma, would you like to hear what Rebekah has to say? She indicated that she would, so I read it all allowed.

    I reviewed our situation and the situations of some of our granddaughters, grandsons and other relatives and concluded that (for the most part) we have a wonderful set of relatives and circumstances!!!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts this way. May you continue to enjoy makeing the place you live a wonderful place that Adam, Lucas, Benjamin, David and you ALL call HOME!!! You are making wonderful memories for your family!!!

  2. I heartily agree! I liked what you said: “We need time to digest the information we’ve taken in, to reflect on it, to form our own opinions.” I think the space and time to do that is important for us to truly benefit from the activities that we do or to process the more trying experiences that we have.

    Thanks for your post!


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