Blackberries Galore!

One of the perks of living here in the Seattle area are the wild blackberries that abound this time of year.  I’m so used to being able to go to any number of parks, backyards – even the side of the road! – to pick free blackberries, that I can never bring myself to actually pay money for them.

Saturday was a gorgeous sunny day, so we headed to the park to pick blackberries (i.e. the kids and I picked some token blackberries, few of which made it into the bucket, and then went to play while my husband did the rest of the work!).  The next morning on our usual Sunday pancakes, we enjoyed some delicious blackberry syrup.  It’s so easy to make that I don’t need to post a recipe – I  just put blackberries and some pure maple syrup into a pan and let it simmer while I made the pancakes.  This next photo shows the result of that syrup – delicious but a little bit thin.  So I went back into the kitchen, whisked a little cornstarch into some cold maple syrup and added it to the blackberry syrup, brought to a boil for 1 minute, then removed from heat (as pictured above).  Perfect!

My next project was blackberry pie.  Another simple recipe, just blackberries with a little flour, sugar, and a touch of cinnamon in a pastry crust.  I’m happy with the way this held together, but it could have used more sugar to counteract the number of not-quite-ripe (a.k.a. SOUR) blackberries that were in the pie!

Last but not least, this morning I used up the last few handfuls of blackberries for some blackberry smoothies.  I used fresh blackberries, some frozen mango, orange juice, and ground flaxseed for this recipe.  When I make smoothies, I never measure anything!

We had a little bit of smoothie leftover so I poured it into some popsicle molds and made blackberry popsicles.  In our family, we call healthy, whole foods “green light foods.”  I love that these were 100% green light popsicles!  The kids felt like they were having a treat, and I knew they were nourishing their bodies.

Whew!  We have all had so many blackberries the past few days I think we are going to turn purple!  Luckily blackberries are incredibly nutritious.  Check out the nutrition facts – scroll down for the details on all the vitamins and minerals that you get in a cup of blackberries.   We’d better go pick some more!

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  1. Aw, you are making me homesick! In Anacortes, we had an undeveloped alley behind us chock full of blackberry bushes and every summer I loaded my chest freezer (for free!). I always laughed at the flats of blackberries for sale at all the local berry stands in the Skagit Valley. They must have been selling those to the tourists, because the locals knew where to get them for free!

    Your boy is so sweet, and kudos to you for not giving him a HFCS Red #40 frozen treat!

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