Gwyneth’s Brownies

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I subscribe to Self Magazine.  Not that there is anything wrong with it– but now that I’m thirty-something, happily married, with three kids – I know I’m probably no longer their target audience!    But I am a magazine junkie.  I have a hard time resisting magazines in the grocery store, especially if they look pretty and especially if they have anything to do with food, cooking, or health.  But I do try to resist, as they are so overpriced at the checkout – which brings me back to my justification for subscribing!   I allow myself three magazine subscriptions per year, and when that year is up,  instead of automatically renewing, I switch to something else.  And I do read my magazines.  They are like candy in my mailbox and I devour them from cover to cover!

So a few days ago I happily discovered my Self magazine in the mailbox.  I flipped immediately to the Gwyneth Paltrow feature, which included several of her favorite recipes.  Her brownie recipe looked especially enticing and I thought to myself, “ooh, chocolate chips sprinkled on top, I should create a vegan version of this!”  So I skimmed through the ingredients list…spelt flour (I have that in my cupboard), brown rice syrup (huh, that too), soy milk (what?)…and got to the end and realized that it was already a vegan recipe!  Who would have thought it?  Not labeled as vegan, not in a veg magazine, but totally and completely vegan.*

So I went ahead and made Gwyneth’s (happens-to-be-vegan) Brownie Recipe.  If you don’t get the magazine, click on their website for the recipe. I used whole spelt flour rather than refined, because it was what I had on hand, and I also added some vegan white chocolate chips on top since I recently picked them up at Sidecar for Pigs Peace.  They were very good!  Nice, rich dark chocolate flavor – strong enough even for my husband who likes it as dark as can be.  The texture was a little bit fluffy for his taste (he prefers them dense and chewy), but I actually relished the soft and tender texture.    I recommend eating them with a fork, warm from the oven while the chocolate chips are still melty and gooey.

Thank you Gwyneth Paltrow and Self Magazine for a great vegan recipe!

*Note:  Some chocolate chips are vegan, and some are not – you have to check the ingredients.  Some good vegan brands are Ghirardelli, Guitard, Trader Joe’s brand, the store brand at Fred Meyer (FMV or something like that), Whole Foods Brand, and many more.  The Nestle’s Toll House brand does contain milk fat as do some other brands.

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    1. Oh good, that makes me feel better! I guess I think of Self as a young magazine because I used to get it when I was in college. But it’s not like it’s Cosmo! 😉

  1. Another good brand is Enjoy Life chocolate chips. We buy those at Whole Foods. However, I’ve also seen them at Kroger, too. I like them because they’re not only dairy free, but, soy-free, too.

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