Can you be vegan at Denny’s? Why, yes! Yes, you can!

I hope this blog has shown how simple it is to create delicious vegan meals at home.  But that’s the easy part.  Eating out often poses a much greater challenge for vegans.  Which is why I’ve often labeled myself as a “vegetarian while out, vegan at home.”  Recently, though, I’ve been feeling more and more inclined be vegan across the board.  After all, when vegans request food prepared without eggs and dairy while they are out, I think this can help send the message that there is a demand for vegan food, and restaurants will eventually start offering more vegan menu items.

I know I’m spoiled, living in the Seattle area.  There are many vegetarian restaurants and even several amazing all-vegan restaurants that I could go to!  But, I don’t live in a vegan bubble.  I don’t know any vegans in real life.  I only know a small handful of vegetarians.  Most of my friends and all of my extended family eat an omnivorous diet.  So I’m not always going to drag them to Chaco Canyon Cafe, much as I love that place and their incredible pesto melt!   Sometimes I’ll end up at Denny’s.

If you haven’t been in a Denny’s lately, they’ve totally revamped their menu.  I remember when their veggie burger was a Boca Burger on a white bun with just the standard fixin’s.  Now when you order a veggie burger, you get an Amy’s burger (so delicious, tender, flavorful, and vegan!) on a whole wheat bun (contains honey, but otherwise vegan), sauteed mushrooms, baby spinach, and tomato slices!  Just ask them to hold the cheese and mayo, and you get an incredibly delicious vegan burger.  If you avoid honey, ask for a white bun.

On the side, you can get fries, fruit, or salad.  I have had a traditional Denny’s salad in the past, and it is not very exciting.  But when I flipped through the menu, I noticed this beautiful baby greens salad with apples, candied pecans, dried cranberries, and balsamic vinaigrette…and a bunch of chicken pieces on top.  I asked our server if I could order that without the chicken and without the bread that comes with, and she obliged.  It tasted fantastic!  I was a little unsure of whether the candied pecans would be vegan, but I checked the Denny’s website for allergens when I got home, and the candied pecans don’t contain any dairy or eggs.  Yay!

I left Denny’s feeling completely satisifed…I had a wonderful, healthful, filling meal, without compromising my ethics.  Now if they would only put some vegan pancakes or waffles on their menu…and some scrambled tofu, and tempeh bacon…that would be perfect!

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  1. Thank you for this post. I have been a vegetarian for 15 years, but this past month I have entered the world of vegans. Having said that, we have not gone out for dinner (or had take-out) for an entire month…more because we have two small children and no energy. But, I have been nervous about what will I be able to eat and will I have to cave and eat cheese, milk, or egg products. (Personally, I am totally fine with honey). So, again, thank you for this post (and your many others, of course!). We just might be heading to Denny’s soon!
    I stumbled on your blog last week and I think it is wonderful!

    1. Glad I could help, and congrats on taking the vegan plunge! I like your blog, too. I will have to try that eggplant dish. I have never had any luck cooking eggplant – I love it while I’m out at a restaurant, but I seem to never be able to get it to cook right!

      1. Thank you for your kind comments regarding my blog. I started it about a month ago because for years and years when people find out we are a vegetarian family they are shocked and so curious as to what we eat on a daily basis. So, combined with my love of cooking and our new adventures in a totally 100% plant-based diet, I am a blogger 🙂 Try the eggplant dish and let me know what you think! I think b/c I breaded it and fried it (YUM!) before baking, it turned out very tender. The pesto was a last-minute add-on and definitely the cherry on top 🙂 I signed up for the vegan challenge and will be using their dinner recipes and will be posting. Hope they are tasty! (sorry for the long post!)

    1. yes, they have! And I really believe that this trend is only going to continue. Veganism has really been in the spotlight lately and I think restaurants will have to keep up to survive!

  2. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that it would be helpful to add a reminder to tell them to not butter your bread on the veggie burger as well. I followed your advice completely and they still buttered the crap out of my white bread, and now I’m having some pretty intense gas. It would surely be helpful to other vegans though. Thanks!

  3. I just got done eating this at dennys! It was so good. I had spinach, red onions, pico de gio and ketchup on it! It was so good! The Amy’s burgers are AMAZING.

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