Dreena’s amazing raw vegan brownies!

So, you want to have a brownie…but you don’t eat dairy or eggs?  Well, this is a uniquely challenging venture, as the usual tricks for “veganizing” a recipe don’t seem to work with the stubborn brownie.  Not to say it’s impossible – there are some good vegan brownie recipes out there – it’s just tricky.

But what if you wanted it to be gluten-free as well?  Is that too much to ask?

What if you also wanted it to be healthy?  No added sugar.  No extracted oils or fats.

And what if you also wanted it to contain all the healthy enzymes present in raw food?

Check, check, check, check, and check.

Oh, and you want it to taste good, too.


Dreena Burton has achieved all of this in her amazing raw vegan brownies, or as she calls them, “Brawnies.”  (Get it?)  And not only are these raw, but they even have a raw frosting.  Seriously!

I had to try these out when I heard she was submitting them for a gluten-free recipe contest.  They are AMAZING.  So, so good.  And healthy enough that I can feel good about my kids eating them!  Not surprisingly, she won the contest.  Yay Dreena!

The best part:  they are super easy to make.  Way easier than traditional brownies, vegan or not.  Dreena has kindly posted the recipe HERE.  Try them out!

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  1. These brownies are BETTER than traditional brownies vegan or not vegan. I really love dates to begin with and the frosting!!!

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