Colleen week: Day 2 (Brazilian Black Bean Stew)

Isn’t this stew pretty?  This one is from Color Me Vegan, and it lives up to the name of the book quite nicely with all those gorgeous colors.  (For those of you just joining me, I am cooking entirely from Colleen Patrick Goudreau‘s three cookbooks this week.) Don’t let the name fool you, there are just as many veggies in this dish as there are beans, if not more.  I adore orange-fleshed sweet potatoes, so I definitely loved this dish.  The kids really enjoyed the chunks of mango, and they kept swiping bites of it from the cutting board before I added it.   My 7-year old commented that he didn’t expect to like mango put into a bean stew, but he said it was actually really good.  Compliments from kids are the best, even if they are under-stated –because they are brutally honest.  (We’re still working on instilling the concept that “it’s not polite to say ‘yuck’ at the table.”)

I served this over some whole wheat cous cous, with some Better Than Sour Cream and cilantro for topping.  My favorite aspect of this meal was that it was unlike any recipe that I currently make, and we all loved it.  I will definitely be adding this to my meal rotation.  Success!

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