Colleen Week: Day 1 (Brown Lentil Soup and Drop Biscuits)

Day 1 of my cooking experiment:  Brown Lentil Soup from Color Me Vegan.  (If you didn’t see yesterday’s post, I’m cooking entirely from Colleen Patrick Goudreau‘s three cookbooks this week.)  Not exactly a recipe that is going to get me out of any cooking ruts (I make lentil soup a LOT), but it’s always nice to try another one, and it’s one of the only meals I could make based on foods I already had on hand.  I followed the optional instruction to puree the soup, which was interesting.  It made it really rich and creamy.  But the family tactfully let me know that they prefer their lentil soup intact and brothy…and I think I do, too.

The funnest part of this meal were the drop biscuits from Joy of Vegan Baking.  This is the simplest biscuit recipe I have ever made, and it was fantastic!  I substituted whole wheat pastry flour for the unbleached flour, per usual.  My favorite thing was how small the biscuits are!  The recipe is supposed to turn out 24 biscuits but I only got a batch of 20, so I guess I still made them a tad too big.  I loved the small size, especially for the kiddos.

There were tons of leftovers, so here’s the soup again as today’s lunch.  This time I topped it with a dollop of Better Than Sour Cream and some cayenne pepper.  As often is the case with soup, this was even better the second day.

Baby dug right into his soup and got a big blob of vegan sour cream on his face!  Then he started shoving fistfuls of kale chips into his mouth.  I love how babies and toddlers have no preconceived ideas about food.  They are happy to try just about anything, and for my toddler, the more colorful, the better.

Next on the menu for day 2:  Brazilian Black Bean Stew!

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  1. We preferred it unpureed as well. Not a “go to” lentlil soup recipe but okay to use every now and again.

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