Kale Chips, and a new project

Recently I’ve discovered some really yummy kale chips at Whole Foods market, from Rhythm Foods.  These are so amazingly tasty and chock full of nutrients, I just can’t get enough!  The big downside:  the price.  $5.99 per bag…which officially contains 2 servings, but to be honest I can easily polish the whole thing off myself.  So today I decided to make some myself!

Kale chips are super easy to make, but they are a little time-consuming.  A lot of people bake them in the oven, but I have never liked them this way.  By the time they get crispy enough, the edges are brown and get a bitter burnt flavor.  My husband came up with the wonderful idea of doing them in our food dehydrator, and it works. They get as crispy as can be without getting brown or burnt at all.  No recipe needed here… just tear up raw kale with your fingers, drizzle on some olive oil, salt, and any herbs or spices you might want, and toss well with your hands before dehydrating.  These ones have tons of nutritional yeast on them, which I looooove.  Yum yum yum!  What a perfect snack, and a great way to get a load of calcium, iron, vitamin A, folate, lutein, and lots more.

On another note…I have been inundated with new vegan cookbooks in the past few months.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining!  I am thrilled that so many cookbook authors are coming out of the woodwork, putting more beautiful vegan cookbooks out into the world.   But I can’t keep up!  There are so many untapped recipes in these books, just waiting to be discovered.   I was thinking about this today and a fantastic idea struck me.  I am going to devote the next several weeks to trying new recipes from all of the lovely cookbooks that I already own.   Each week, I will cook primarily from the cookbooks of a single author (or team of authors), making mostly recipes that I haven’t tried before, and I’ll let you know how it goes!  This will be a great way for non-vegan readers to see an example of how to create balanced vegan meals on a day to day basis.  And for those of you who own the same cookbooks, maybe we can compare notes!

First up:  Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.  What an amazing person she is.  I have been a little obsessed with her podcast lately, catching up on old episodes.  She is eloquent, articulate, respectful, and informative about all vegan issues.  I’ve had her first cookbook, The Joy of Vegan Baking, for a few years now, so I’ve used that one more than the other two (and who can resist baking?).  I can’t wait to get better acquainted with The Vegan Table and Color Me Vegan.  The concept of Color Me Vegan is near and dear to my heart.  My dad introduced me to this idea of eating by color many years ago, and to this day he makes sure to eat vegetables and fruit from every single color group each day.  So I was blown away when I heard that a vegan, color-based cookbook was coming out!

We enjoyed our Day 1 meal tonight – Brown Lentil Soup (Color Me Vegan), drop biscuits (Joy of Vegan Baking) and a side salad.  So far so good!  I admit, it wasn’t much of a stretch for me.  Anyone who knows me could tell you that we eat a lot of lentil soup, and I often make biscuits to go with.  But I didn’t get a chance to shop for groceries today so I had to choose a meal based on ingredients that I already have on hand, and lentil soup is one of those great meals that you can make from pantry staples.  I’ll show some photos and review it in depth tomorrow, as this post is quite long enough!

Here’s a sneak peak at my menu planning for the week.  Stay tuned…

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  1. I LOVE The Vegan Table!! I also have the Joy of Vegan Baking . . . so now I better just round it out by getting her latest–I’ll bet it’s great. I also love kale chips–lately though I been stuck on steaming it. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Definitely do get Color Me Vegan…it is beautiful and filled with a lot of really interesting nutritional information, and so far the recipes have been great!

  2. I heart kale! I have a food dehydrator. Once it is unpacked (in other words: “found”), I am making kale chips – thanks for the inspiration!

    I have the same cookbooks in my cram-packed kitchen shelves (the movers counted them: 85!) – and I am guilty of not using them nearly enough. I’ll just wait for your reviews and go from there! How’s that for lazy? 🙂

  3. What a fun idea! I had not heard of Colleen Patrick-Goudreau so I’m definitely going to have to pick up at least one of her books. All of what you’ve made thus far looks amazing!

    We are huge kale chips fans around here! I just wish I could get more out of a single bunch of kale.

  4. I happened upon Vegetarian Food for Thought podcast a few years ago as I transitioned to vegetariain. I listened to them rather obsessively myself and easily made the transition to vegan though previously I had never even considered it. She makes it so “commensensical” if you will.

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