‘Twas the night before Valentine’s Day…

…when all through the house

not a creature was stirring

except my husband’s spouse…

Okay, so I’m not the best poet.  But it is 12:24 am…so cut me some slack!

You see, I’ve been baking up a storm all evening for Valentine’s day.  That day that everyone complains about, but somehow becomes really, really fun when you have kids!  I really wanted to send something fun in their lunch boxes tomorrow, and somehow cutting their sandwiches into heart-shapes just didn’t seem like enough.  Some little heart cookies would be just the thing.

So I perused some of my favorite blogs for a good vegan sugar cutout cookie recipe, and found this one from Mama Pea.  I find that I keep going back to her recipes, as they seem to always turn out perfectly!  I’ll be so excited once her first cookbook comes out.

This recipe requires chilling for half an hour.  So, what would a normal, tired mom do at 10 o’clock in the evening while waiting for dough to chill for 30 minutes?  Why, bake muffins, of course!  What fun would Valentine’s day be if the kids had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast?  So I took Colleen Patrick Goudreau‘s blueberry-lemon muffin recipe and substituted beautiful, red raspberries for the blueberries.

Meanwhile, I half-heartedly caught up on an episode of Desperate Housewives between batches of heart cookies.   And come to think of it, I only got through part of the episode…I think it’s still on pause in the living room.

I have to recommend this cookie recipe…with reservations.  The cookies contain 100% whole wheat flour, and some applesauce.  They are healthier than your average cut-out cookie.  And they taste healthier, too.  Which is not a bad thing.  It’s just…these are great cookies to make for your family.  You can feel pretty good about your kids eating these cookies.  These just aren’t your “wow all your co-workers with how decadent vegan desserts can be!” kind of cookies.  Fair enough?

I can hardly believe my oldest was only 4 years old when he made this plate at preschool.  Now he’s a second grader!  Where did the time go?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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  1. The cookies are beautiful (and who cares if they aren’t “decadent”?)! I chuckled at your poetic ability – boy do I remember baking past midnight (I was a “working” mom back then) the night before V-Day so my kids could take personalized heart cookie Valentines to their classmates! I miss the homemade plates and the sweet homemade cards and all . . . but I do not miss the late-night baking!

    1. I really wanted to share these cookies with my son’s whole class, but then I realized that I used a little bit of almond milk in the recipe and his classroom is a nut-free zone! At least the kids will have a fun surprise when they open their lunch boxes today.

  2. Gorgeous cookies, Bekah! Thanks for sharing… and here I’m still trying to get those lovely heart-shaped cookies baked. Maybe I’ll have them done in time for Andrea’s birthday this Sunday! ha. I’ll have to check out your recipies!

  3. That is such a fair review of that cookie recipe…thank you! The sugar cookie I have in the book is a not-as-healthy version that will wow the co-workers. 🙂

    1. Ooh, I can’t wait to try it! This recipe was really tasty, and I found I liked them even more the next day when the icing had softened the cookies a bit. The kids loved them!

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