A little blogger in the making?

My kids are getting used to having a food blogger for a mom.  Before getting to dig in and eat whatever food I have prepared, they patiently wait while I arrange it and photograph it.  So lately, the cutest thing has been happening.  My kids will be having a snack and they’ll arrange it nicely on their plate and say, “Mama, take a picture!”  I often let them use the camera and take some.

Well, today my 5 year old arranged his clementine segments so beautifully in a little ramekin that when he said, “Mama, take a picture!” I couldn’t resist snapping a few myself.  They turned out so nicely that I have to share them with you!

Things I’ve learned from my 5 year old:

1.)  When you are hungry for a snack, fresh fruit is always a great choice.

2.)  You can never have too many oranges.  Seriously.  Yesterday I think he ate about 10 Satsumas at his grandparents’ house.  And I’m not exaggerating!  Hey, it’s cold and flu season, it couldn’t hurt.

3.)  Take time to enjoy the beauty of your food before eating it!

And of course, here’s my little blogger himself enjoying his (maybe 7th?) clementine of the day:

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