Date Night: Seattle’s University District

Every month or two, my parents treat my husband and I to a night out on the town, or as we like to put it, “Date Night.”  They come over to our house, play with our kids, feed them dinner, and put them to bed.  Meanwhile, we get to go out and remember what it is like to be just be the two of us!  The kids love date night as much as we do because they adore their grandparents, which makes it that much easier to kiss them goodbye for a few hours!

Last night we headed down to Seattle’s University district with the hopes of trying out a vegan restaurant called Hillside Quickie.  We had checked out their menu online and we were drooling!  But when we got to the door of the restaurant at 5:30 pm, there was a sign on the door saying, “closed for airport run.  Sorry.”  Not to be deterred, we decided to walk to the other end of the U-District to try out Pizza Pi Pizzeria, an all-vegan pizza joint that we’d never tried before.  Let me tell you, we were hungry and SO tempted to stop in any number of the Indian, Thai, Greek, and other restaurants that we had to walk by on the way!  Any of those would have made for an awesome dinner.

But we persisted, and I am glad we did.  We both ordered Caesar salads to start, which were just okay.  There was a strong aftertaste to the dressing which reminded me of a soy parmesan I tried several years back, but I was able to mask it by shaking a generous amount of the nutritional yeast which was provided on the table.

We couldn’t decide which kind of pizza to order from their extensive menu, so we ended up going half and half.  My husband wanted to try the ex-meat lover’s pizza (basically a lot of faux meats and faux cheese).  I wanted to try the bruschetta, which had halved cherry tomatoes, basil, field roast faux meat, and a homemade cashew ricotta over the top.  The bruschetta was amazing!  The cherry tomatoes were perfectly ripe and bursting with sweetness, the cashew ricotta was creamy and fabulous, and the field roast was delicious.  The pizza crust was thin and crisp and just how I like it.  I wasn’t quite as fond of the ex-meat lovers.  The faux cheese on top was Teese brand, which I hadn’t ever tried before.  I was kind of neutral about the flavor.  The restaurant also now has Daiya cheese available upon request.   Please excuse the fuzzy photos – I was using my phone to take the pictures.

Overall, it was a really great dining experience, and I would go there again!  However, now I am on a mission to try all 16 vegan eateries in the Seattle area, so next up might be Araya’s Vegetarian Place (a vegan Thai restaurant, also in the U-District) or another attempt at Hillside Quickie.  Next time I’ll call ahead to make sure they will be open!

Stay tuned for more Seattle vegan restaurant reviews!

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